Australian Dairy Goods (ADG) is a 100% Australian owned specialist marketer and exporter of dairy products. Established in 1999, ADG represents a strategic alliance of overseas end-users and distributors of dairy products in Europe, Asia, Mexico, the Middle East, and Latin America. The ADG group offices are linked by brand ownership, direct investment, and technology & agency agreements.

ADG capitalizes on the high-quality international image of a “clean and green” Australia. Working in close partnership with Australian manufacturers, harnessing each company’s particular competitive advantage, providing ADG with an extensive product portfolio and the ability to ensure consistent supply and competitive pricing.

ADG’s team is well qualified in marketing, logistics and international trade finance. These skills joined with Australia’s advantage in the manufacture of quality dairy products, enable ADG to succeed in the most competitive of global markets. ADG is dedicated to the active promotion of Australian origin products, ensuring that ADG is recognized as a key partner locally and abroad.

Australian Dairy Goods owns and operates a modern dry blending and milk powder factory called Dairy Best Victoria. The fully accredited production facility is located in Melbourne Australia in close proximity to the Port of Melbourne and produces around 12,000 MTS per annum of dry dairy powders for the local Australian food and animal nutrition industry and export markets.